TIG Marketplace 

Imagine creating a beautifully designed living capability statement that allows the top technology companies in the world to be captivated by your company. Creative intuitive templates allow you to design a corporate capabilities presentation in minutes. 

TIG Marketplace is a centralized database that top technology companies access to discover potential diverse suppliers. Over 30 technology companies are members for TIG and are utilizing the unique new sourcing tool. 

Best part, you will have a living online Brojure that you can utilize to market your business, list services, and products, and showcase client case studies

Join the TIG Marketplace today

Why join TIG Marketplace? 

  • Included in a centralized searchable database accessed by TIG Corporate Members for current and future sourcing needs. TIG members include over 30 of the top global technology companies. 
  • Opportunity to have an intelligently designed living capability statement that can be edited at any time 
  • Quick and simple creation utilizing TIG Marketplace templates that assists in highlighting company information that is relevant to corporate sourcing
  • New business development tool that compliments current online presence, marketing efforts, and sales strategy 
  • Easily shared across all social media platforms with a visually stunning graphic 
  • Brojure software is reactionable and scales to any device delivering complete visuals and information
  • Save significant time by creating one living capability statement that is relevant to over 30 technology companies as well as other corporations